Tivatek: Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) sets

The benefits of Tivatek

Tivatek is Europlaz’s own TIVA range. Tivatek has several benefits over traditional TIVA systems, these are highlighted in the video below and explained in more detail further down the page.

Our motivation when designing Tivatek was to create an advanced range of TIVA products following guidelines from the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG), the Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia (SIVA) and the Association of Anaesthetists.

Benefit 1: High flow and anti-siphon valves included

High flow distal Codan valve to 280 mL/min) and anti-siphon valves (to prevent free-flow and back-flow) for the syringe pumps are included. According to the Association of Anaesthetists, the infusion set through which TIVA is delivered should have a Luer-lock connector at each end, an antisyphon valve on the drug delivery line(s) and an anti-reflux valve on any fluid administration line.

Benefit 2: Reduced drug wastage

Microbore tubing used in all Tivatek kits ensures a low priming volume and reduces drug wastage.

ISMP recently published an article to remind practitioners that up to half of the medication in a 50mL small-volume intermittent infusion (medication diluted in a small bag) could remain in the tubing after intravenous (IV) administration. Without adequate flushing of the tubing, the residual volume of the medication remaining in the tubing may not be administered to the patient, leading to a significant under dose.

Practitioners should consider using microbore (small bore) administration sets for the primary infusion or carrier fluid to minimise the residual volume left in the tubing. Microbore tubing has a lower priming volume compared to macrobore (regular bore) tubing. Thus, there will be less residual  volume left  in the tubing when using microbore tubing.

Benefit 3: Anti-kink feature and non-kink tubing

Anti-kink bridge as an additional safety feature and high specification non-kink tubing offer a reduced risk of occlusion – even with several tight knots in the infusion line, drugs continue to run at flow rates set. This also ensures connection for a gravity infusion line, antibiotics, bolus drug etc. A back-check valve also prevents a back-flow of drugs.

Benefit 4: UK manufactured

All Tivatek sets are manufactured in the UK and are 100% integrity tested. 2-way, 3-way and 4-way variants are available. 

The UK remains a key global manufacturing player – ranking in the top 10 in the world in terms of manufacturing output. What’s more UK manufacturing has prestige both at home and around the world. 

A survey conducted by Make it British, discovered that 93% of domestic consumers are willing to pay more for a British-made product. In addition, over 77% of those questioned said that if they knew a product was made in Britain, they would believe it to be of good quality. Great Britain is regarded as a ‘quality supplier’ and so are products marketed as ‘Made in Britain’, meaning products are likely to sell better in foreign markets if they’ve been made here in the UK. 

Benefit 5: Improving healthcare sustainability 

Although different anaesthetic gases have varying levels of potency all of them are contributing to the climate crisis. Greenhouse gases used in anaesthesia absorb and remit heat which causes temperatures to rise. Desflurane is over 2,500 times more warming than carbon dioxide, and an hour of anaesthetic use is an equivalent of 30-60kg of CO2 (equivalent of driving 200-400km) In comparison sevoflurane have a warming effect of 800-1,600 g of CO2 (driving 5-10km).

The Association of Anaesthetists (AOA) published a guide to improve the impact of anaesthesia on the environment. It suggests swapping volatile agent-based anaesthesia for total intravenous anaesthetic (TIVA).

Tivatek is manufactured using sustainable manufacturing processes. Further information can be found here.

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